List-building, and how YOU are an in-demand item

fansList-building has changed.

Not so much the mechanics of HOW to do it (squeeze page, free gift, upsell etc.) but more the ATTITUDE towards building your list…

I’ll come back to that in a minute…

For now let’s look at why YOU most definitely have something to offer in your niche

But first let’s try to agree – you really MUST build a list of people if you want any sort of decent income online.

You might not want to hear that.

I didn’t for the longest time until I sent out my first real promo to my list and made $4,000 in a really short amount of time because they bought my product.

So you DO have to build a list if you’re serious about online business, but you already know that I reckon, even if you are brushing the thought under the carpet right?

So why has list-building changed?

Because people are becoming aware of the value of their contact details and they won’t give them out without getting something seriously GOOD in return.

You can’t offer shitty products any more.

People aren’t stupid.

You can’t just offer something for free because…well because there’s a LOT of free stuff around anyway.

You also have to convince your potential subscriber that it’s in their interest to STAY in touch with you because otherwise they’re going to use a phoney email address, a throwaway one or one they never check.

So you have to offer something unique and sexy (by which I mean attractive as a free gift)

The good news is that you ALL have something unique and sexy to offer.

And that something is YOU

You might not have the skills of a guru ninja marketer yet but you sure as hell have an opinion.

You can formulate ideas, offer opinions and tell people what you think just like everyone else.

It’s the same reason we’re drawn to certain comedians, musicians, artists, poets, inventors, designers, companies and corporations.

Because they do things their OWN way.

You just need to have your own opinion and views on the niche that you’re in.

Don’t believe me?

Well ask yourself why chefs tremble when a critic walks into his restaurant despite the fact these critics probably can’t boil an egg themselves.

Or why we rush to read reviews on a band’s latest album in some music newspaper or blog BEFORE we listen to the bloody thing ourselves and make our own minds up?

It’s because rightly or wrongly we value other people’s opinions TOO much.

Which is great news for you and me because as marketers we can offer our opinions and collect a list of people who will read every word we write, blog and buy every product we create

We all have our own slant on things

And that slant can be sold.

If you have an opinion (let’s say it’s a negative opinion) on blogging and you think that Facebook is now a better platform to communicate what’s stopping you writing a very short report entitled (for example):

‘How blogging will die this year and how you can profit from it’

And you just include your opinion about why they should switch from WordPress to Facebook, and include a few simple monetization techniques.

Offer this as a freebie and build your list.

It’s ‘only’ your opinion sure but other people will either love it or hate it and those that love it will sign up for your list.

Most people don’t take the time to think and formulate cohesive opinions.

Which is a shame because it’s one of the most saleable commodities in the whole of internet marketing 🙂

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7 responses to “List-building, and how YOU are an in-demand item

  1. Eric Rand

    I have been marketing online for 15 years, and have read a lot of posts by some brilliant and not-so-brilliant marketers,

    This post was brilliant, and the most valuable thing I’ve read in years. Your last two sentences about personal opinions is the truth and how I succeeded from my first year.

    You don’t have to be anything like all the other marketers out there— just have a point of view that captures attention and is valid enough for your attracted audience to ally with you and trust and purchase from you.

    Thanks for the great post.


  2. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks Eric

    …and the best thing is most people will never really what a saleable commodity their opinions / views / take / journey is…

    …and what an easy route it is to take

    Thanks for commenting


  3. Frank Edwards

    I like this post.

    I’ve never thought about the concept of people wanting to know my opinion enough on anything… and paying me money to access it.

    Another amazing insight about this business Tony.

    Keep ’em coming.

  4. Roy Carter

    Another insightful post Tony.

    Being yourself (and true to yourself) and calling a spade a bloody shovel now and then will get you the audience that’s right for you in the end.

    Oh and treating your audience like grown-ups doesn’t hurt either.

    Hope you rescue some of those veggies!


  5. Tony Shepherd

    Frank – we’re trained / conditioned to listen to other people’s opinions and to take many of them as fact if they come from the ‘right’ sources or have the ‘right’ voice.

    Much of which is utter bollocks of course.

    Your voice, my voice has just as much of a valid opinion about something as anyone else’s

    Thanks for commenting mate


  6. Tony Shepherd

    Roy – love this line from your comment

    ‘Oh and treating your audience like grown-ups doesn’t hurt either.’

    Totally agree, thanks for posting


  7. Tanya Matheson

    I totally resonate with what you’ve said in this post. What I think does matter, it adds value, and people just might actually want to hear about it. It’s taken me a long time to reach that opinion and you’ve covered it off here quite nicely. Love it!

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