Do you have the WRONG skills for your business?

flyingIf you’re into internet marketing chances are you have in your head a list of skills that you think you ‘should’ have:

  • Be able to build a list
  • Be able to write emails to market to your list
  • Have a grasp of the technology you need

and so on…

But have you ever wondered if you’ve developed the WRONG skills for your business just because ‘experts’ said they’re the ones you need?

Here’s an example…

If your business model is about product launches then you really DON’T need many marketing skills at all.

You can hire a copywriter, and why would you need a blog to keep in touch with your customers?

Your model would be about recruiting as many JV partners as possible and having them mail out to promote your launch, and then you repay the favour until it’s your turn to launch again.

So your key skills here would be how to recruit JV’s, how to keep them excited about your launch, which prizes to offer, how to be ‘one of the gang’ and doing the whole networking thing.

Your product and your salespage could be outsourced easily.

Likewise if your business model was having a curation-type blog (where you collate information from other sources) in various niches – fashion, celebrity, technology etc then the biggest skill you’d need wo0uld be to have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your niche.

You wouldn’t need to know how to put together a sales funnel because the chances are your blog would be monetized with Amazon, Adsense and advertising. You’d be concentrating on the wrong skill with sales funnels in that example.

Look at your business and you’ll find some things that you REALLY need to know and some that you don’t.

With certain models you need a whole DIFFERENT set of skills to what you might think.

You need to invest heavily in the skills that are essential for YOUR business model and focus much less on the rest, because without these core skills you’re highly unlikely to get your business into a position where anyone sees it.

Look at what skills will move your business forward…

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4 responses to “Do you have the WRONG skills for your business?

  1. Carl Picot

    Hi Tony

    Yes I agree about skill-sets,,, Mine deffo lie on the JV sector of things, however I do find I’m doing people favors by promoting their products in reciprocal email promotions to keep the relationship strong… sometimes this is not best for my customers.

    Communication and the age old art of persuasion are my passion though and that can stretch across plenty of different areas of traffic generation such as ads and blog content as well as social media content.

    I love the new blog theme BTW – it changes every time I visit 🙂

    What happened to Thesis ? or is this still the same theme in disguise ?

    cheers Carl

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Blog theme is called ‘Writer’

    Agreed about keeping the relationship strong, that’s a good way of looking at it


  3. steve

    check the spelling in your title

    Do you have the WRONG skills for you business?

    shouldn’t you = your

  4. Tony Shepherd

    It does now Steve thanks

    (That’s buggered up the SEO!)




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