Are you only in it for the money? Here’s how to find out

It seems to be accepted that to become really successful like the Bransons, the Trumps and the Gates’ of the world…

…that you need to be totally passionate about what you do.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the DREAM.


Van Gough (if I remember correctly) only sold one painting in his lifetime and died pretty much in poverty.

Now of course he sells for multi-million pound price tags and he’s acknowledged quite rightly as a genius.

But if someone had said to him:

‘Oi Vincent – you can either live in anguish and die in poverty but your name will live on forever as a genius, OR you can have a lot of success and vast wealth in your lifetime but only ever be recognised as a mediocre artist’

Which one would he choose?

Moreover – if we put the same question to me or you…

Which would WE choose?

Are we in it for the money or the dream?

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