Adding this higher ticket option to your sales funnel costs nothing

This was taken from something I posted in my Private Group…


Last year in one of my other businesses (plugins) we made $40,000 in six weeks from an idea we came up with while having lunch at the pub.

It cost nothing to set up, took maybe 30 minutes to put a brief page together (we didn’t need a sales page) and we launched it the next day.

The first day brought in $8,000

The idea?

It was simply working with people to tell them how we ran our plugin business. It was letting them in on the inner workings of what we did.

It’s closed at the moment while we work on other things but during the time it was open we were turning people away. (This was a choice – it wasn’t just about the money)

My point?

When you launch your next product it might be worth putting an option in offering to work with people on a one to one basis to show them round what you do.

It’ll cost you nothing except time to set up, and you’ll REALLY be helping people.

Don’t charge less than four figures a month for doing so though…

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