Make it better not cheaper

Next time you’re about to launch a new product or plugin or service and you get around to checking out what’s already out there in terms of competition

…don’t automatically start to compete on price.

Undercutting their price might work, but is it enough to get existing users to SWAP to your product?

In the UK we had (until recently) a plague of door knocking salesmen trying to get you to swap your gas or electricity service to theirs.

99% of the pitches were based on price comparison.

Some people swapped buy most didn’t because it’s too much of a hassle just to save a few quid a year.

They stuck with what they knew rather than trying something different.

And in our internet marketing marketplace it’s unwise to compete on price for the same reason, unless it’s a seriously BIG price difference.

(And that could play havoc with your profit margins anyway)

Instead why not compete on BETTER?

Give your product more information, or more features or more accessibility to you.

Read blog and forum reviews about your competitors’ products and find out what most of their customers think is lacking from their product.

That’s what you compete on.

Add those, solve those problems a and give those users what they need.

THAT’S what you compete on

Do that and you can charge almost any price you want…

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