Found a ferret in the garden



We’d just collected the kids from school when we found this little chap in the garden.

Obviously a domesticated ferret because when I went out to say hello he was very tame and even tried to get into the house which wouldn’t have been a good idea.

Quite a few people in the village still use ferrets for hunting rabbits so he’d probably not wandered too far, and in some circles a good rabbiter is worth it’s weight in gold.

I went to fetch some heavy gloves so I could grab him and keep him safe while I found out who he belonged to but when I got back he’d gone .

(Wasn’t taking any chances no matter how friendly he seemed – I once saw a man who’s finger had been bitten through to the bone by a ferret who wouldn’t let go)

He’d been spotted by others apart from us though because for the next two days people around the village could be heard asking each other ‘You’ve not lost a ferret have you?’

I’d not seen once around since last year when I lost the best part of £30 funding my kids’ gambling habit at the village hall ferret races.

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