Selling sausages is a serious business


At our local farm shop they hand-make their own sausages.

All sourced from local ingredients including the pigs which they rear on site.

They have the usual pork sausages which are always available.

And they have the speciality ones such as black pudding sausages (amazing), pork tikka sausages, beef and horseradish and more.

The ‘normal’ pork ones are always available and never sell out.

But to get the speciality ones you need to visit the shop on Wednesday (when they’re made) or within 48 to be sure of getting some before they sell out.

I’ve been at more than one local barbecue where disappointed guests have exchanged glances because the host didn’t get to the farm shop in time and was serving up ‘just’ pork sossies.

The thing is, the ‘just’ pork sossies are amazingly good too, but they’re just not…speciality.

I always ponder whether if they made their fancy range all the time would they sell out consistently OR would they become ‘normal’ and not sell as well because they were always available?

Is it the sausage that sells or the scarcity?

Or is it just clever local marketing because only us locals
know that the speciality ones are only available for a limited time?

I’d love to see their numbers.

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