What’s your elevator pitch?

You know what an elevator pitch is?

It’s supposed to be a short, 30 second to a minute pitch that you can blurt out to potential customers or big-shots when you’re travelling up in a lift with them.

It’s nonsense really although you still hear many marketers say you should have an elevator pitch that sums up your business in a few short sentences.

But WHY?

If someone will only give me a 30 second meeting I really don’t want them involved in my business regardless of HOW big a shot they are.

It can be handy at parties when people ask what you do I suppose but them again who wants pitching to at a party?

My elevator pitch doesn’t say anything about my business at all

It’s more about why I do what I do.

‘I run a business that allowed me to be around when my kids were growing up’

Not many people (especially men) actually ask what my business actually IS after that – they’re usually deep in thought.

And those that DO want to know then want to know the FULL story, not a 30 second potted pitch version.

Works for me…

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