I’m using Udimi for my solo ad buys

udimi tony shepherd

Been using Udimi for buying my solo ads for slightly over a month now and I’m impressed.

It’s much easier to track clicks than it is when buying solos direct from the seller…

…AND the solo seller is aware that you can see his or her stats so that keeps them on the straight and narrow.

Some clicks that come from less than solid sources are discounted by the Udimi system so you don’t pay for those.

There’s a time scale in which the clicks you’ve purchased must be supplied

And you can see the percentage of clicks that come from top-tier countries such as the US, UK, Canada etc

And the conversion rates I’m getting are good, although I don’t subscribe to the theory of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ lists like so may marketers do – I think it’s my job as a marketer to get any traffic source to resonate with me, subscriber and eventually become a buyer.

But I’d recommend grabbing a free account at Udimi if you buy solo ads

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