Core business and the freedom it allows


Yesterday I put load music on Spotify and spent most of the day playing about with domaining – buying domain names to flip and develop.

Great fun.

A few days before that I put my CPA head on and was tinkering with offers, traffic and tweaking results while eating a hot beef sandwich and drinking too much coffee.

And last week I spent a day writing something for Kindle in another niche that I’d wanted to do for a long time but kept putting off.

Add to that a few days of escaping to grab the last of the autumn sun doing some beach walking while the kids were on school break, some gardening and some planning for the future over large glasses of wine with my wife.

I can do this because I can strip what I do down to a ‘core business’

This is basically building my list and being an email marketer.

There are a few other things that need to be done such as writing my newsletter and keeping in touch with clients but on the whole I can break things down to a few hour’s work a week.

Giving me lots of time for ‘trying stuff’ and experimenting with new income models, and more importantly spending time with my family.

Taking things right back to basics – stripping it down to the nuts and bolts – took some doing and even more self-discipline because the temptation is to over-complicate – at least it was for me.

But now I’m earning more money than I was years ago and working less.

The easy part is looking at what brings you the most money in your business with the intention of stripping everything else away.

The hard part is actually doing it.


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