Empty log store…and time away from computer work


I built this log store myself…

(well I assembled it if we’re being totally honest – the pieces were already cut for me)

…and we filled it up with logs five weeks ago. Now the weather has gone even colder we’ll be going through even more wood I reckon.

A cord of logs costs £60 including delivery and it takes around eight trips with the wheelbarrow for me to transport them from our drive where the delivery bloke dumps them round to the log store at the back of the house

(stay with me there’s a point to this)

We don’t have (or want) land big enough so we can fell our own trees and I don’t massively enjoy working with chainsaws anyway because I’m too clumsy, although a mate of mine says cutting up his own trees is a real stress-busting exercise for him.

So we buy it in, and also chuck any offcuts, fallen logs, rough wood that we find into the back of the car too to add to the pile for free.

Doing this sort of stuff keeps me grounded, gives me time to think and plan ideas and more importantly keeps life ‘real’ because working on the internet can sometimes be a bit unreal.

I found out long ago that it’s really unhealthy both mentally and physically to spend more than a few hours at a stretch staring at a bloody computer screen – it makes me feel like crap and doesn’t do my thought processes any good.

So as well as having a work ‘to do’ list, I also have a physical ‘to do’ list.

Sounds daft but it’s SO easy (too easy) to work at your PC only to find five hours have passed and you’ve not had any fresh air, eaten anything or even looked up from the monitor,

So today on my physical to do list is

1. Stack the log delivery into the log store (IF he decides to deliver today – you never can tell)

2. Unload the big car after the business event we did on Sunday. It’s still on the drive and full.

3. Take an old broken office chair to the tip (STILL not done that from weeks ago)

That’s it – not much but it’ll take a couple of hours combined and that’s more than enough to take me away from my desk to get some fresh air and some exercise.

It’s a real joy being able to work from your computer at home, but you need to keep an eye on your balance with other things.

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One response to “Empty log store…and time away from computer work

  1. We actually do the felling the trees part as we have a ton of land so firewood is free other than our labour. Have been doing it for 15 years now and it is becoming a chore, but saves a ton of money over heating with oil.

    It is good exercise if your bones can keep up. Totally agree that getting up and away from the computer is so important. Way too easy to spend the entire day sitting down!

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