11 months since I got my banjo…the results…

Well it’s the hardest bloody thing I’ve ever (tried to) learn to play.

So far anyway.

Seriously toying with the idea of bagpipes next but can see that ending in divorce/violence

So here’s a very quick 25 second clip of my banjo playing to date, because many people have asked how I was getting on with it

PS I can’t speak and play at the same time so a few laughing grunts is all I can manage, along with a look of concentration that could easily be mistaken for bowel trouble and/or trapped wind.

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6 responses to “11 months since I got my banjo…the results…

  1. Sounds good. I like the banjo – one of the few I didn’t learn to play!

  2. You didn’t miss a plink! I’m impressed and i think lyrics are way overrated.

  3. Best laugh I’ve had today!! – That trapped wind has a lot to answer for!!
    Thanks Tony, I enjoyed it anyway – I’m a George Formby Ukelele fan – but all I can play is a Bugle!
    Speaking of trapped wind – please DON’T take up the bagpipes or I’m unsubbing!!

  4. Tony

    Well at least that provoked a response from some of your usually silent readers. Duno if you’ve noticed but even Billy Connely doesn’t sing much when playing one of those things. I’ll bet it’s much harder having to transpose all your music to left handed too. Well done mate.


    Tony C

  5. Intmar

    That’s blooming brilliant!! In only 11 months??

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