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Lately I’ve only been working a couple of hours a day.

Communicating with my groups and clients, writing blog posts, buying traffic, instructing outsourcers and concentrating on email marketing can be done in a few hours, usually in the early morning which is when I work best.

I’ve done this by either dumping some processes entirely and outsourcing the rest using Odesk or Freelancer.

I’ve found that this back to basics approach gives me TONS of clarity.

So not only am I getting more done, I’m more creative, more focused…

…and the end result of that is that I’m working fewer hours for more profit.

It’s not that I’m doing that much MORE than I was when I was working 8 hours a day- obviously I’m doing LESS…

…it’s more that I’m doing the RIGHT things.

Focusing on the essentials in my business

It all came about by me looking at where my online income came from and found (as you’d maybe expect if you know Pareto’s Law) that the bulk of my income came from 20% of the things I did.

So with initial fear and trepidation I dumped much of the other stuff and concentrated on the systems and processes that brought the most money into my business (not including partnerships and outside businesses)

I then took those processes back to bare bones so that I did the essential, creative stuff myself (like producing content, emails, ideas) and outsourced the rest.

You’d be surprised at how much ‘stuff’ you simply don’t need – how much is fluff and maybe only actually adds a few quid a month to your bottom line but takes much more FROM you in terms of work, stress and management.

Having a tribe of people you can easily communicate with, having some degree of rapport with them, having something to offer them and giving them access to you if they need support.

The rest can be outsourced if you want to keep it and dumped if you don’t.

Frees you up to be creative, to work on your other projects and to maximise the profits yet minimise the time you put into your core business.

Quite therapeutic too – like cleaning out the garage or weeding the garden 🙂

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