How my imagination scares me into making money

scared tony shepherd

My brain and my imagination are just too powerful and scary!

(yes the picture is supposed to be my scary face)

I don’t mean that in an arrogant way – I mean they can BEAT me down any time they want

Which is why I have to do things a certain way, and luckily it’s made me quite a bit of dosh in the process…

Let me explain –

If I’m working on a new project or launch, or looking to strike up a new partnership or even entire mini-business…I have to get things moving almost immediately. I have to act.

Because if I don’t then my brain and imagination start working against me.

They’ll come up with all manner of potential problems and reasons that my ventures will fail.

BIG SCARY reasons that can stop me acting because of the fear

None of them are real of course because they’re just things that ‘might’ happen

But if I act – if I actually BEGIN to put my plan or business into action – then those imaginary fears vanish.

They’re replaced by REAL problems. The kind of issues that everyone comes up against when they start something new. They might be big problems or tiny ones…

…but the important thing is that they’re REAL and I can deal with real problems and usually overcome them.

Because real problems are never. ever as scary as the ones your imagination can come up with.

Which is why I get things moving very quickly…

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