Abandoned in a blizzard (sort of)

Tony Shepherd and family lost and carless in the snow

So we were driving home from a family get-together last night when the snow hit out of nowhere.

We’d driven over in our big, comfy seven seater which (we now know) is about as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest in even a few inches of snow

Leaving that the car that WOULD have been better on the snow at home…doh!

So we were forced to abandon it pretty much in the middle of nowhere and walk the three miles back to our village

(The pic is us on the trek home before rescue)

Two miles in and the kids were getting tired as it was mostly uphill and the snow was coming down quite heavily

Then out of the blue a chap and his wife appeared in a Land Rover and were kind enough to drive us home

Total strangers that lifted my faith in humanity.

We’ll be dropping a bottle of wine at their door when we go to retrieve our car when the snow clears

(Usual apology to US and Canadian citizens who are used to snow and wonder what all the bloody fuss is about)

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