The BEST advice when starting a new year (or a new day even)

the best new years advice

My favourite advice for the new year, or just for a new DAY goes something like this:

“You are NOT your history”

To me that basically means that everything you’ve done up to this point doesn’t define who you are and you can change direction NOW without any reference to who you’ve been and what you’ve done in the past.


Are you bad with money? Useless at saving?

Change it NOW


Have you always wanted to write but always abandoned your projects in the past?

Change it NOW


Have all your past attempts to create a home-based business withered and died in the past?

That doesn’t matter. Your history is yesterday, not today and bloody definitely not tomorrow! Change things. NOW 🙂


The beauty of abandoning your past (or at least the bits of it you’d rather dump and we all have those) is that you start to look at things from a different angle.

Don’t underestimate how important this is. I’ve written ebooks that have made me thousands by taking my laptop into a room I wouldn’t normally work in (honestly) and inspiration has come simply because the view is different and that seems to make my thought processes work in a different way.

Memories are wonderful, and experiences are incredible.

But some of them aren’t, and they turn into baggage that gets heavier and heavier the older we get.

Personally I try to dump baggage that has a negative effect on my life or business.

Because I’m NOT my history 🙂

I can start afresh right now…

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