How I ‘do stuff’ task-wise on a day to day basis

I’ve realised it’s helped me a lot to divide business tasks into two categories…

1. The things I need to do daily to keep my business on track. This would include buying traffic, communicating with my groups and clients, producing content and ‘housekeeping’ such as communication with outsourcers and dealing with admin stuff

2. Creative tasks such as planning future projects, establishing relationships, creative thinking, examining potential ideas and businesses and having meetings. These are done often but as needed and aren’t scheduled as the first category is

When I decide on moving forward with something (big or small) it usually moves from category 2 into category 1 although it’s likely to be outsourced so even as a ‘daily task’ it only takes maybe 20 minutes as I communicate with an outsourcer.

Nor is this all as rigid as it sounds. It’s pretty flexible and easy to work with

Just sharing because a client asked me the other day about this and it was the first time I actually thought about it consciously 🙂

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