Emails are getting harder to read



I receive emails from a LOT of internet marketers.

They all promise different things and I subscribe to their emails because it’s interesting to watch how they market their goods.

I must be on 200 mailing lists if not more.

But I can count the number of marketers I actually BUY from on a regular basis on one hand.

Because these are the guys and gals that are obviously intelligent, informed and experienced in their fields.

They’re also the ones who I resonate with for sure – I like their attitudes, outlook and opinions.

I like the way they do things.

But there’s more to it than that.

If you’ve been around the internet marketing scene for so long you’ll probably understand what I’m going to say…

…and it’s this.

I can now recognise those marketers who don’t have to shout – who don’t have to use hypey language in their emails to get me to check out products they recommend.

I can recognise the quietly confident guys who do things their own way and I like them.

Possibly because it’s how I try to do things.

And while I’ve always said that if you’re a marketer yourself, you should subscribe to loads of email lists to watch how other marketers work…’s getting more and more difficult for me to cut through the level of noise I’m getting in my inbox these days.


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