How to start an internet marketing business with no money

A lot of experts tell you it’s not possible – you NEED money to invest in your internet business just like you would ANY business.

I’ve probably even said that myself a couple of times…

Then I had a night on the Guinness with a marketing mate

…and as it usually does, after we’d chatted about everything else the conversation inevitably got around to internet marketing

And in particular the no funds issue.

And here’s what I realised.

It IS very possible to start online with no money.

I did it and probably 80% of the successful marketers did it also.

But we didn’t do it in the way that’s usually recommended in the forums such as ‘write and submit 20 articles a day’ (Jeezus no wonder people give up!)

Or create a blog and add content over time until it grows in the rankings and you can monetise it. (Fair enough but how many people can do this for months or even years without seeing a return?)

No – the way I and most people I know started online was in one of two ways:

1. Buy cheap and sell it for a profit

2. Provide a service.

So for example I started by buying bronze ‘art’ (‘art’ is a generous term here) from Indonesia and selling it on Ebay. I sold other things on there too, including information DVD’s and printed booklets.

At the same time I was copywriting for a couple of gurus and charging them silly money for it.

Basically I was funding my budding IM business from these activities. I didn’t try to be an IM person immediately, I started testing the waters, learning and developing my biz as I went.

The important thing is that it keeps you internet-focused and ‘in the game’ so you can see what’s happening with IM on a day to day basis.

It also allows you to go full-time online sooner so your time is freed up, but make no mistake it’s still work. Better than a 9-5 of course, at least for me, and a lot easier than submitting bloody articles 🙂


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One response to “How to start an internet marketing business with no money

  1. Sorry Tony, my wife wouldn’t let me buy those Bronze Ladies of yours off EBay
    (or a Russian Bride for that matter!!).
    Thanks for the encouragement and common sense.

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