Dry Yorkshire Gin

masons dry yorkshire gin


My lovely missus bought me some Yorkshire Gin 🙂

Apparently it’s ‘handcrafted’ in small batches using Harrogate spring water

We’ll be trying it in a small G&T with copious amounts of ice and lime this evening when the sun is over the yardarm.

It’s slightly stronger than your average London Dry Gin, and you don’t have all the fancy packaging or gaudy exterior

…now there’s a metaphor just waiting to be seized eh?


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2 responses to “Dry Yorkshire Gin

  1. John Reed

    Hi Tony – looks like you thought the same as I have for many years now…. but I just found out that “the sun is over the yard arm” was taken to mean 11 am, time for the first Rum Ration of the day at sea.

    Another bit of info I read was taken from some ancient Naval Terms where the correct terminology was “Foreyard” rather than “Yardarm” and it was around Noon (probably because the officers took theirs after the men so time went by).

    I guess it would depend a lot on just WHERE you were sailing at the time as the sun’s “height” would vary a lot, and so probably would that of the ship’s Yardarm!

    Point is though – it was long before Sundown, or Planters Dress time (sleeves rolled down – around 6 pm) which is when I had thought it fine to pull out the Bombay Saphire.

    Must try some of that Yorkshire water – it will follow my Yorkshire Gold Tea very nicely!
    Thanks for the tip.


  2. I wish I could jump over the pond and share a shot with you two, but I’ll settle for getting your February newsletter Tony!

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