Old style organisation

Old style organisation


I’ve dumped all my notepads and gone for a big 90’s style ‘breakfast is for wimps’ type organiser.

I’m loving it.

It’s got a one-day per page infill and everything I do (and need to do) goes in there.

It lacks the integration and seamless file swapping of electronic systems such as my Mac and iPad but let’s face it, I’m not a very seamless person, and more importantly I don’t THINK in a seamless way…

…so a slightly disjoined ‘scribble it out and put in on another page’ approach suits the way i think.

It also kills flies, makes a great take-off pad for the various remote control helicopters we have around the house and makes me feel like I’m actually working when I put it on the pub table after sneaking out for lunch with my wife. It usually doesn’t get opened, but it looks good 🙂



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4 responses to “Old style organisation

  1. Bruce Arnold

    Old school rules. Love it!

  2. I love it, I will stop laughing at my husband for having one, now that you’ve shown me that’s better. I never write anything on my calendar in iPad or Gmail, so this might be the thing needed to organise me.

    Great post.

  3. Tony

    All you need now is a housebrick sized mobile phone to go with it and you’re made.

    Thanks for the fun.

    Tony C

  4. Mark

    I’ve just discovered your blog and after reading your very first post, I know better than to say, Hi Tony…How corny would that be? Anyway, I will dispense with the formalities and say….How the heck are you doing?

    Love the picture of your planner. I use one that’s got a zipper closure, around the binder. It’s from Franklin Covey Planners. I just love it. Although, I’ve never used it as a fly swatter, yet.

    Best regards!
    Mark from Toronto.

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