Going over to the dark side…

Lytham St Annes fog

The dark side is Lancashire…

We left our sunny Yorkshire village at 10am to meet up with friends and do some walking along the beach around St Anne’s in Lancashire.

Creepy wasn’t the word.

A fog rolled in the likes of which Landis or Carpenter would have had an orgasm if they’d seen it.

I was telling my kids a (totally fabricated) ghost story about the beach while the mist swirled around us only to realise they weren’t remotely interested but I was looking around anxiously for dead pirates with billhooks and rotting eyeballs coming for me.

The muted, eerie sound of bells choked across the sand and I was horrified to see the ghostly figures of several animals through the mist.

Turned out to be the donkey rides.

So five quid poorer I watched the odd sight of my children being led away into the fog, seated on slow moving, clanging donkeys by an old lady.

She did bring em back though

I tried to take a photo of the sea with an old pier thing in the foreground but the image in this post is how it came out. I haven’t altered it in any way so the sepia tones are what we saw yesterday.

We had a great walk though although my old comfy walking boots sadly dropped to bits at the end, so now I have to break in a new pair after about six years.

Just waffling on…

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