Had an hour or so in our local pub with my wife yesterday afternoon while the kids were at grandparents.

Sitting in the pub grounds enjoying the sunshine……before returning home to the danger and pain that is our kitchen door.

Every time I have more than three pints of Guinness or even when totally sober but not paying attention, I can end the day grumpy, with a sore head and once even unconscious

I’ll let the pictures explain

Here’s a pic of our kitchen doorway…


tony shephed


…and here’s our kitchen doorway with me standing in it


Tony shepherd

Now I’m quite a tall bloke at 6’4″ but its still a very small doorway because the house is quite old.

And after 8 years living here I still forget to duck

Ow f**k can be heard from time to time in our kitchen

My reason for posting?

The big duck egg now forming on the front of my head after coming in from the pub yesterday and going into the kitchen to make a cup of tea…


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4 responses to “Ouch

  1. Auch ‘ow!’ for 8 years? Is it hurt? 🙂

  2. I know what ya mean with those older houses Tony, if you were in Cornwall it would be even worse mate!

  3. Tony Shepherd

    We’ve rented cottages in Cornwall Michael – you must be a set of PROPER short-arses down there 🙂


  4. Tony, You could have solved that problem by now – the How To Live Like A Hobbit course on Udemy only lasts 6 weeks… ..
    You might scrape your knuckles a lot (Course Tip – put down soft carpet) but there would be less eggs on your bonce!!
    PS: You’ve already got the hair for it – just go for it man!

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