Got a new (OLD) car this week

If you read this blog you may know I’m not a petrol head.

We have one posh car for travelling around the country, Europe etc and a ‘work-horse’ one which is usually a 4WD to chuck stuff in the back of and potter round the village.

On Monday the workhorse dropped dead. Phoned a bloke with a flatbed trailer who paid me £100 and took it away so the same afternoon I went out and bought an old but good condition 4WD. I don’t buy new cars in this role because I know how I treat ’em 🙂

All seemed fine until last night took kids to cubs/guides and this horrendous clatter started coming from under the car. It went when I pressed the clutch and came back when driving normally.

Looked under the car, nothing hanging down and exhaust seemed fine.

Started her up to the same noise an hour ago. Prodded and poked around a bit under the bonnet and underneath the car. Noise went. Short test drive and noise is STILL gone.

My best guess is a stone trapped in the exhaust/brake discs…

EDIT: Found this after investigating…

tony shepherd


MAY have solved the problem. Found this loose-hanging bracket thing just hanging around the exhaust pipe towards the front of the car. Wiggling it seemed to recreate the horrible sound

And this is it after I’d removed it. I’ll test drive in a bit, but started the engine and the noise was gone. Thing is WHAT is it, and WHERE is it meant to be?

Tony Shepherd

EDIT 2: I posted this in my Private Group (VERY off topic section) and a some incredibly helpful members with much more mechanical knowledge than me told me it was probably an old exhaust clamp and could be safely removed, which is lucky because I’d already done that.

I’ll be honest I could go and buy a new one but it’s nowhere near as much fun and watching the depreciation when it’s got a boot full of garden waste would be grim too 🙂

Had a great morning doing the above LOL

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  1. Ah..traded from a Suzuki (I used to own a 1988 Samurai…great little beast) and now own a Rav4 just like you for running around town.

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