Masters of the upsell…


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I needed some car insurance the other day for an old 4×4 car I just bought

If you thought Vistaprint were masters of the upsell think again

They have NOTHING on insurance companies.

Years back they simply used to tell you whether things like legal cover, courtesy car, windscreen replacement, lost keys and a hundred other things were included in the cover.

Not any more

The policy I bought seemed really cheap. 


That’s because each of these upsells was presented to me individually in a process than lasted 15 minutes.

Each one was accompanied by a cartoon of what horrors could happen if I didn’t buy.

Some bloke staring down a drain having dropped his keys into the sewer. Another hapless chap standing in front of a judge handing over sackfuls of money because he didn’t buy legal insurance.

Luckily the cover I need is for an old ‘workhorse’ car that I’ve bought for chucking garden waste in the back and pottering round the village so I don’t want any extras.

But it was fascinating to watch 🙂

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3 responses to “Masters of the upsell…

  1. I’ve had the same experience when I’ve bought house insurance from a price comparison site and had to phone them to clarify something. I’m sure they make the info on the sites deliberately vague for this reason. But hats off to them for their marketing.

  2. Tony Shepherd

    I also bought from a price comparison site Helen. Maybe they do things a little differently if you come through from those pages. Some of the quotes I got were incredibly cheap/

  3. Ah Tony, you really should get that legal insurance. You can have an accident even in your village – and being an ex lawyer I know how dear those legal fees are!

    Mind you I hate all those upsells taking up the time to get through.

    Low cost airlines, eg EasyJet are pretty good at it also.


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