The internet marketing methods you’re using are out of date

The world has changed…

…since whatever internet marketing technique you are using was invented/became popular/was widely accepted…

…and today.

You’re using OLD marketing strategies.

Because by the time they’ve been refined, tested, put into practise and then TAUGHT by whatever guru you learned them from…

…they’re out of date.

Doesn’t mean they don’t work though.

It just means that someone out there is at this VERY MOMENT, inventing / adapting the next big marketing technique.

They’re not using old strategies, they’re inventing and testing their own.

Couldn’t we be doing that?

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2 responses to “The internet marketing methods you’re using are out of date

  1. Michael

    Not only could we be doing that, but should we be doing that? Should we let the pioneers be the only ones with their backs stuck full of arrows? Russell Brunson has a coaching program that costs $1,000,000.00. My coach tried to get in, but it was already full. Russell teaches exactly what Anthony Robbins (no slouch either in the earnings department) teaches. Modeling. One of Russell’s programs is earning in excess of $27,000 daily. He simply modeled another existing successful program.

  2. Tony

    Sometime earlier this year, while I was busy spending more money trying to ‘keep up to date,’ I noticed quite a few old hands gently reaping in reams of cash from methods learnt a few years ago that obviously still work. True, there are some simpler ways of getting to the same end these days but when you know a good method that still works wonderfully and you can work it easily, virtually blindfolded, why spend more money to achieve what you already have? Much better to learn another method off by heart and have another long term income maker that you know how to use expertly.

    One thing that does not seem to have changed is copywriting psychology. The earners of the most income are still using the old time marketers phrases and wordology, no matter what type of method they are using to deliver those sales messages that have worked so well for so long.

    I’m off to read your PDF on how you do it all now Tony. Thanks for that info.


    Tony C

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