Beware of people who have REAL power

Never piss off your chef, dentist or hairdresser…

…it’s just ASKING for trouble.

A mate of mine was always embarrassing in restaurants.

We don’t eat out with them any more.

I’ve seen him insist on ‘viewing the kitchen’

I’ve seen him be rude to waiting staff – obnoxious actually.

And all I can think is – as you sit here feeling smug and superior the chef is currently wiping your fillet steak around his ballsack.

It’s really not worth it to try to show off.



I rest my case.





There are some people you think have power, but they don’t.

If you upset a politician or member of the royal family here in the UK there’s actually not much they can do without looking like bullies and getting bad press.

But if you upset your hairdresser…well be prepared to spend 3 months wearing a hat

Beware of people with REAL power – they’re not who you might think…

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3 responses to “Beware of people who have REAL power

  1. I’m just trying to imagine what ‘ball sack’ seasoned steak would taste like…hmmm. Amazing how arrogant people can be, just because they are paying 80 quid for a dinner – you know who you should never piss off…The Mrs – there is no coming back from that one!

  2. Well spoken from an equity point of view as well.

    I’ve always believed in treating everyone well, regardless of their position in life.


  3. Elaine

    And your boss if you’re unlucky enough to still have one!

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