Monetizing your gadgets…

I had a beer with a neighbour yesterday…

My kids were over there to visit his son on his birthday and we chatted while having a beer on the decking overlooking his garden.

One of the presents his son had got for his birthday was a cracking remote control all terrain vehicle. It was zapping round the garden, over ramps, through the bushes – the lot. AND that was only on ‘training’ mode

Apparently it gets up to 35kph when it’s on ‘pro’ mode.

My kids had a go on it too and I could only drag them to go home when the battery finally needed charging, which took a while.

Last time I was round there he’d just got a quadcopter thingy which was also extremely cool, and obviously a very good model.

I have no idea about ‘boys toys’ like these but I know one thing, If I ever decide to buy something like this either for myself or my kids…

…my neighbour will the person I talk to first.

When I got home I was idly thinking about how he could monetise his gadgets and while it’s a competitive market, I know it’s certainly doable because a mate of mine does the same with weight training equipment.

It’s competitive but the secret seems to be to focus on ONE exact make and model per blog…

Here’s roughly how he does it:

Video of the gadget in various modes of operation.

SEO the exact make and model of the item on either a blog or a Youtube account. Usually a YouTube video linked to a mini-blog

Written explanation.

Link via your Amazon affiliate account to the related product

Relatively basic SEO on your site (we’re not talking PBN linking or anything like that)

I’ll have a word with him next time I see him – he’s a bright bloke and what man would NOT want to make money from playing with fast toys eh? 🙂

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