Spend time on what makes you money!



Here’s something I recommend to my VIP clients to increase their profits month on month:

Spend your time on what makes you money

You’ve probably heard me say this before many times but there’s only one thing that counts in business, and especially when you’re in the process of replacing your salary…

…and that’s the sale.

If you find yourself getting distracted by technology you don’t really need, building pretty sites, tinkering with new software, learning unnecessary skills or anything that takes your eye off the ball then you’ve lost focus

It’s all about the bottom line.

Your customers don’t need to know that of course, and your job is to help them and offer good content, but don’t ever lose sight of the fact that you’re a marketer primarily because it pays well and gives you a lifestyle that most can only dream of

If you’re surprised to hear me say that, then that’s good – the best marketers are those who don’t make it obvious they’re selling to you 🙂

That doesn’t mean you can’t help people of course – that’s a big part of why I do what I do.

In fact the more you help people, the more success you’ll have…

…but remember, ALWAYS keep your eye on the bottom line!

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