The ONLY thing you need to create a successful online business

What you need to run an online business


You only need ONE thing to create a successful online business these days.

One thing.

An idea.

Because when you have that you’re all set to rock and roll…

There are SO MANY different products and services available now that once you have your idea all you need to do is work out how you want to deliver it and then find a service that does it.

Here’s a point in case…

I HATE membership sites

The software I mean.

The sites themselves are little online goldmines if you get it right

But the delivery?

Plugins, scripts and software – I’ve tried many of these and up until very recently nothing was easy, intuitive or even plain old NICE to use.

I almost abandoned a drip-fed membership site that made me six figures over the years because I couldn’t get the technology to work or find a freelancer who could do what I wanted (which wasn’t very much)

Now I can sign up with a service like Clickfunnels, which among MANY other features has a drag and drop, drip feed membership facility that even I can work for only $97 a month.

But that’s just the tiny tip of the iceberg. There are services out there that I can subscribe to that solve the EU VAT issue, that are payment processors, tracking services, social media integrations, services that send direct mail to my list automatically, test what real visitors think to my sites, split test products, sell Kindle or physical books, issue brandable PDFs to my affiliates and a THOUSAND more things.

Basically if I have an idea and the motivation I can do pretty much anything I want to online in terms of business.

Times have changed.

When I first started online it was very much about basing your business around the few services (autoresponders, payment processors) that existed and having to adapt your model to them.

Now it’s very much about sketching out your IDEAL business model then going to find the services that provide this.

Because they’re out there.

Create the idea first. Get a picture of your ideal business in your head.

Then simply sign up to the services that allow you to provide it.

If you can come up with an idea, what’s stopping you?


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One response to “The ONLY thing you need to create a successful online business

  1. PhiltheBear

    Tony, the one thing you can’t do is subscribe to a service that sorts out EU VAT. No such thing exists, although some people claim there is. In fact the EU VAT thing is so badly put together that the Euro Parliament is debating it again this week with the hope that it will be put on ice until it’s properly sorted out. Have a look at That may help explain why the argument that there’s a ‘simple software fix’ is completely unrealistic. Don’t be led up the garden path by people who claim otherwise. You really don’t want the tax authorities jumping all over you – because it’s YOUR responsibility – not that of the ‘service’.

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