Guitar Rock God! …or Actually FOLK Rock hairy person…

Michael Cheney sent me through a rock god wig and an inflatable guitar as part of his affiliate package for his Fan Page Money Method. I’d have promoted it anyway because it’s a good product and teaches what no one else does when it comes to making money from Facebook.

But I couldn’t resist the wig…

…and since everyone else was rocking it up as guitar heroes I thought I’d pay a small homage to the folk rock scene (fingers in ears for harmonies and chunky sweaters) and get out me mandolin…

This is the result.

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Rock on…

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8 responses to “Guitar Rock God! …or Actually FOLK Rock hairy person…

  1. Lee Parratt

    First video I’ve seen with you starring – even got to hear your chuckle – surprised at how well you play that gee – I would buy the product through your link just to show my appreciation for the entertainment, but will look forward to getting your June 30th product as bonus anyway

    Did I mention I made my first sales this past week? And now have the start of a mailing list – into three digits worth of subscribers and getting my autoresponder into play.

    Thanks gee tar Tony,


  2. Lee Parratt

    My keyboard is acting up – it skipped the “tar” after gee – (play the gee tar) in my post. – Now to view the video again.

  3. Tony

    One day Tony you might even talk to us!
    I know you think that many might not understand the language because of the accent, but as I’m just south of the border (Yorks/Derbys) I might be in with a chance as I have heard that strange tongue before.
    However, we will accept that singing along with your playing might not be such a good idea.

    Come on Tony; say something.

    Tony C

  4. Alex

    waiting for the part 2 – singing, Tony 😉

    …ok if thats too far out of your comfort zone, then humming will do for a start

  5. Janice

    Yo! You can actually play that thing 🙂 Now all it needs is a singer….

  6. Ha ha, that’s brilliant Tony, thanks for that brightened my day. That made me wanna buy more than anything else! Got to much on at present though.

    It would be great to see more of that – could you do a song rhyme with your next product or something?

    Best Francis

  7. Very disappointed that there was no folk rock singing to accompany the playing!


  8. Tony Shepherd

    Sorry guys – REALLY can’t sing. I’m being kind to you by not trying honestly 🙂

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