Do you REALLY recognise what’s holding you back?

Tony Shepherd internet marketer


A version of this article first appeared in my Private Newsletter in July 2013


As an online entrepreneur these days you can get pretty much ANYTHING done for you.

If you have an idea for some software you can get it built.

If you have an idea for a book or video, you can get it created for you.

You can buy traffic, existing mailing lists, websites, businesses and even Facebook and Twitter followers.

So it’s like being a kid in a sweetshop. All day every day.

We’re faced with total, mind-blowing OVERLOAD

Which is why most wannabe marketers struggle – too much choice.

Because when you can get any business idea created for you, the only things you really need are money, the idea and the balls to follow THROUGH with the idea.

Think about it – as internet marketers we only have a tiny FRACTION of the obstacles real world businesses face

If we’re being honest, funding is relatively easy to come by, and quite honestly most people have at least a few good ideas in them for products or services

So why do you need balls?

Because when everything else is in place it takes balls to take responsibility for the success or failure of your enterprise and that’s MUCH harder than you think it is

You might not actually recognise that the thing that is holding back your online business as fear, but the chances are that’s exactly what it is.

Even though it manifests in many different guises

Your fear might APPEAR to be one of not being able to find enough money to launch your business, but if you have credit cards, family or other means at your disposal then you probably could, IF you were serious, raise the finance needed

But what you’re really saying is you daren’t risk failure.

Finance, ideas, knowledge are really just an excuse.

But FEAR – well that’s the daddy.

To be an online entrepreneur is NOT a safe option.

There is no safety net and you’re pretty much on your own. You sink or swim according to your own abilities and determination

And in our nanny-state world that’s not an easy thing to accept

Especially if earning more money would simply ‘be nice’ rather than is essential to feed your family

That’s why so many immigrants, desperately poor people and traditionally uneducated people become extremely successful……because they don’t have the option of failure. They have nowhere else to go.

Being ‘comfy enough’ is not the best position to be in for a would-be entrepreneur, but it’s probably the most common

It was one of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome, that’s for sure

How easy is it to sit in the garden and have a cold beer because it’s a nice evening after working your 9-5 than it is to start working on a new product for you fledgling business ?

Being up against the wall is FAR more conducive to being successful, because it’s a bloody uncomfortable position to be in

So there are no easy answers here.

Being 30k in debt with credit cards but still being able to afford a huge TV and good food isn’t a massively painful situation to be in, even though it’s not ideal.

And that’s what the majority of Western entrepreneurs are up against.

We’re COMFORTABLE enough

My advice?

Well you could max out your cards to fund your business which would also have the by-product of getting yourself into a more desperate situation but that would be foolish advice to give you of course

You could quit your job with just enough money to last you three months and see if that puts your back against the wall enough…

But again I don’t recommend that unless you’re VERY sure of yourself

….OR you could recognise that we are at a unique place in history where the internet has not yet become regulated or owned by big business or banking (as it will be eventually) and that with outsourcing cheaper than it’s EVER been…

YOU have a window of opportunity that no-one else in the history of the world has ever had!


So grab yourself an idea…beg, borrow or steal the funding…

Then give your metaphorical balls a big old squeeze and get stuck in while the time is still ripe…


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Welcome to the most exciting journey of your life….

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