I lost $470 in 38 seconds yesterday

Yesterday I lost £300 (around $470) in
about 38 seconds.

It’s been over a year since I dabbled with
Forex trading and I fancied another go.

Last time I’d been successful but this time
I immediately recognised I needed to learn more

I placed the wrong trade and BOOM – money gone 🙂

That $470 wasn’t my only loss but it was
the biggest.

But fortune runs the other way too…

A few years back I bought a domain name
for around $9

Soon after I sold the same domain for $1500
to a boat racing team who had named their
team but forgotten to buy the domain first 🙂

It was the same domain I was planning to
use to launch some software. They approached
me with an offer of (I think) $300. I countered $1500
because I was planning to develop my software
and they agreed to the $1500

Nice afternoon’s work.

I hadn’t started ANYTHING with the software
at that point so I just bought another $9 domain
name and changed the name of my potential product

Around 2012 I realised that plugins were selling like
crazy and all you needed to launch one was
a good idea.

So with a partner we started lunching at the pub
once a week

Over three hours we’d brainstorm ideas, decide
on the good ones then get them made by a freelancer

We did this multiple times and made over a
hundred thousand dollars in the process, MORE
if you factor in flipping, teaching others how to
do the same and other deals

Can you see the connection?

It’s all about TRYING STUFF

If you don’t actually do anything or run
with your ideas you’re going to be in exactly
the same position next year as you are right now

Some of it will fail, but a lot of it won’t

I’d go as far as to say most of it will SUCCEED
the more you get used to trying out new methods.

I have an ongoing argument with some gurus
about this

They say find one thing that works for you and
focus on it – stop buying shiny new objects

But I see what they’re DOING and they’re
trying different approaches all the bloody time

Me? I buy a LOT of WSO’s, especially blueprints
and case studies and incorporate a lot of the
methods into my business as additional income

Sure I have my core business which is based around
one or two sales funnels…

…but I also constantly TRY OUT other ideas and strategies

(I outsource some of them too and cream off the profit)

So all I’m saying is keep an open mind.

Try stuff out

Work around your personality.

I have a short attention span so I only ‘do’
short-term projects – maybe one or two days –
and in my business and that works for me

Listen to your inner ideas, get to know
your likes and dislikes, strengths and

…because at the end of the day it’s YOUR
business and YOUR life – no one else’s

You wouldn’t let anyone try to run your
marriage or tell you how to bring up your kids?

It’s too important right?

You have your own values and views

Your business is exactly the same.

Don’t let anyone else run it for you

Like raising kids or being a marriage partner
you’ll come across information that you
can incorporate to make the process more

…but in the end it comes down to YOUR decision
making and your action

Try stuff out for yourself.

It’s a much more successful process than
being told what to do

More fun and profitable too 🙂

I’ll leave you with this thought:

Learning is good, and of course vital too.

You need knowledge if you plan to run an online biz…

…But DOING is where the money is.

Trying stuff is profitable


P.S If you want to learn the ‘stuff’ I’ll share
with my own children when they start their
online businesses…

…you might want to see this:


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  1. Bruce Arnold

    Well said Tony, great points!

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