Cinema upsells

At the cinema with the kids yesterday

My son wanted popcorn so I ordered a ‘medium’ box of popcorn for him.

The girl serving asked me if I wanted to ‘go large’ with that for an extra 25p.

‘No thanks’

So she turned and grabbed two empty boxes to show me.

One was the medium size box I’d ordered and the other was the large size that I could ‘go large’ to for the addition 25p

The large box was easily three times the size of the medium one and seeing them in front of me I actually felt foolish for NOT taking the ‘go large’ upsell.

So we went large.

Obviously the pricing of the two options were so close that I’d presumed it had been tracked and tested to make going large a no-brainer.

But what hit me was how POWERFUL it was to visually see the two boxes next to each other.

Whoever had trained the staff to present the upsell was good, and the if it was assistant herself who had worked out how to make the upsell by showing customers the boxes together…

…I’m hiring her 🙂

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One response to “Cinema upsells

  1. This has made a lot of sense to me as my son has had a part time job at the local cinema. He has been having a lot of success with the upsells (There is a HUGE focus on getting these extra sales).
    The one thing he found worked well for him was to talk to people in terms they would understand. For example rather than ask people if they wanted to pay an extra 50p to upgrade to the ‘Super Deluxe Feedbox’ option (I just made that name up), he would ask them if they wanted an extra bar of chocolate, more popcorn and a larger drink for just 50p more.

    It has had me thinking that do we sometimes get caught up in trying to look more impressive by using jargon, when perhaps calling a spade a spade is a better option?

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