Grab Your unique name FAST


I got my name this morning.

If you’ve not come across it you can use
this to send and receive money very
simply – a little form opens up – all very cool

It’s going to be very popular in my opinion
(go check it out) except for one snag. 

You need a unique username – preferably
your own name or business name

I couldn’t get tonyshepherd because it had
already gone so I got tonyshep, which considering
the different spellings of my surname might
actually work better

…but if you don’t want to end up with a
link such as (not a real one)
it’s probably a good idea to grab yours now before
the good ones are taken

Just go to and follow the instructions.

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One response to “Grab Your unique name FAST

  1. Ben

    Hi Tony, it’s been a while since we last spoke – hope you are doing well.

    Not sure if you’ve seen or not but the price of domains is climbing upwards quite rapidly and I remember you had one or two back when we used to meet up in Wakefield.

    If you’ve still got them you could be looking at a few hundred dollars each at the moment, depending on what letters are in the domain. Times have changed and now the valuable ones are the ones with no vowels and no “v” in them.

    Apparently these are “Chinese premium” and are going for $600+.

    The nwbritpack forum is gone I see. There were some really interesting discussions on there and I’ve got some fond memories of those mastermind sessions we used to have.

    Take care mate,


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