New arrivals – chickens.

We got chickens.

Two Silver Sussex and two Black Rocks.

Just getting them used to the run for a few days before they venture into part of the garden.

Kids totally smitten.

Four eggs so far…

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3 responses to “New arrivals – chickens.

  1. Tony C

    How eggciting Tony.

    Only thing is, won’t that affect your ‘few days away’ every now and again?
    Or do you have a hen sitter instead of a baby sitter?

    Too many foxes near us in our part of Derbyshire.
    Several folks have tried to keep chickens but all have given up after too many raids.
    A local farm had a goose that got taken by a fox. The gander is still mad about it and will attack just about anyone that dares to go into the farmyard now.

    Wish you the best of luck with them as they are great thinks to keep. Especially with kids around.



  2. Tony Shepherd

    No there are quite a few people who are willing to hensit in exchange for eggs and our neighbour also keeps chickens so we have a reciprocal sitting eggreement.

    There are foxes around but we’ve not had any in our garden yet that we know of, or heard any reports of hens being taken at this side of the village…fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Be sure to tell us eggsactly how this mew venture turns out!

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