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Well it’s been 48 hours and my blog still isn’t indexed by Google. I’m not sure why but it’s an interesting experiment.

 I’ll check every day and see how long it takes. This is the only blog I haven’t had indexed within a day or two at least, so it’s typical that this is the one I use as a live experiment of how good my blogging techniques are!

I think it’s gremlins because I said I don’t believe SEO is worth the effort and targeted traffic is much more effective. So with that in mind I’ll start publicising my blog in other ways to get some traffic here.

Other news….

I have 5 hosting providers, with my IM and niche sites spread across them in no particular order. Yesterday one of my hosting providers had a major wobble and it’s possible some of my sites went down for pretty much the whole day (although I was out and can’t be sure – sales were fine so maybe not).

But it made me think about getting everything together on one host – a dedicated server – to minimise problems. Then it hit me that this would be a silly thing to do. If one of my hosting providers bites the dust for a while, at least I have 4/5 of my sites providing an income for me.

And whereas it might go down much less often, if a server with all my sites did go offline for a day, it would completely halt my income until it was back online.

So I think I’ll continue to split the risk among several servers for now and judge the situation as I go. I’ve never had a site go down for more than 24 hours (touch wood!).

Anyway, despite what the press and insurance companies wouldhave us believe, there is an element of risk in life that nobody can be blamed for – call it fate, bad luck or whatever, and I think that’s what makes life exciting!

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