Google has me – and how I’m brainwashing my kids

So it took a little longer to get indexed than I expected – four days actually, but now I’m well and truly indexed.

If you want to find out how I did it, pick up this free publication¬† – the methods are all in there, and they’re quick and simple to use.


My children run in and out of my office during the day when I’m working, which is cool – I love having them around and they get to see that Dad actually DOES some work, because the whole concept of work is a bit tricky for them. They can’t quite understand why their friend’s parents have to leave the house to work, and can’t just wander downstairs for a game, a snack or (as recently) to abandon work completely to go and build a squirrel table in the garden so we can watch the little blighters eat peanuts for an hour or so.

I worried about this for a while, thinking they weren’t getting a ‘real’ picture of what work was actually like – my job as a work from home full time Internet Marketer being a little out of the ordinary.

Then I realised that them having a distorted picture of work is a good thing – if they don’t know about having to commute, having a 9-5, working weekends and overtime and basically being out of the house a lot, then great! Let them follow my path (if they want of course) and be the exception to the rule.

Kids often turn out different to their parents expectations though – but as long as they’re happy, who am I to judge if they want to get on the corporate treadmill and work a ‘real’ job for a living?

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