There is NO Internet Marketing governing body. YEEEEHAAAAAA!!

It’s easy to imagine when you’re reading through forum posts, and contributing to them yourself that you’re in a community that has rules and regulations, and that certain ‘authority figures’ might frown on you if you do something they don’t like. If you’re a newbie you might even have a sense that you could get ‘banned’ from Internet Marketing for not following the somewhat unwritten rules and codes that seem to float about in our business.

Yeah well you couldn’t be any more wrong if you had a degree in wrongness from the University of Southern Wrongville.

There are no rules except one…don’t talk about fight club…..whoops sorry wrong neuron – the ONLY rule you need to follow is to do things your own way and don’t get sucked into what you’re ‘supposed’ to do.

In Internet Marketing the most successful people are rule breakers. the most successful people rub others up the wrong way and basically make a bloody nuisance of themselves. That’s exactly why they’re successful.

If I want to paint my ass green and red and make a Camtasia video of it cashing a Clickbank cheque as proof of my earnings then I’ll do it, regardless of what anyone else in IM thinks or says. Probably won’t make much money mind but it WILL  probably get quite a bit of YouTube airplay. Not that my mother would like though.

And that’s the point. The Internet, depsite many attempts to govern, regulate and even censor content is still the final frontier in terms of freedom today. If you want to try something new in your business chances are you’ll be told it either won’t work or will p*ss people off.

So what?

It costs very little to fail on the net, but the rewards for success are huge. Go try stuff – silly stuff – try making money in the wildest most preposterous ways imaginable.

And when some self appointed referee quietly PM’s you and tells you that you’re going about things in the wrong way and you won’t make much in terms of friends or money, think deeply about his advice, search your soul for the answer…..

Then tell him to bugger off and go try it your way 🙂 

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4 responses to “There is NO Internet Marketing governing body. YEEEEHAAAAAA!!

  1. LPF

    Well, well, WELL!

    Tony, you’re either a genius or a psychic! Or both!

    Guess what just happened to me? Got shut out of WF! And what did I do? Wasn’t abusive or offensive. Simply spoke my mind.

    Then I come in here and there’s your latest post!

    I was actually in here earlier while they were passing sentence on me. Came here from your post about blog themes. Looked around and found all these great-looking sites with great stuff, went back, wrote out a comment about your sites, then SLAM! the door shuts in my face! I couldn’t even post the comment.

    Yes, bugger off! They can keep their snooty old boys’ club forum!

  2. Dan

    Dan here from Germany, sorry for my weird kraut english, hope you get my point ….
    Once I had a mathematic professor mentor in school, he said: as soon as mathematicians turn philosophic, they become inessential.
    The same with philosophic IMers?
    No rules, only your own rules? Content is rules, no matter what, crap or bs, just chat and publish, if it complies the rules, get ranked and positioned well, and follow the rules. We are all IM slaves, pretending to be free of rules, because of millions of dollars or hoping and working like hell for millions of dollars, addicted to success, like the 9 to 5 idiot as well.
    What a waste of time here, instead of MAKING MONEY!!
    Anyways, some more blind sheep here?

  3. admin

    Forums that delete comments they don’t like eh?

    Well nowhere is it written that freedom of speech is allowed on someone else’s forum, especially if they have ‘gurus’ to keep sweet.

    Dan – from Germany. I like your post man. You’re saying I should shut up and just ‘be’ an Internet Marketer and the moment I try to analyse it or comment on it, I lose my purity and become ineffectual.

    Like the point of view. Don’t agree – i think philosophy goes hand in hand with everything, but like your point!

    We’re the only animal that can analyse itself and it’s condition – it’s what sets us apart, so what a waste not to have a good rant about life, love and IM 🙂

  4. Paula Hughes

    If my old course leader of my medical illustration MSc course read what I was writing now, he’d be stunned. It’s not grammatically abysmal, but compared to the heavily structured and contrived way in which academic essays have to be written, internet marketing is quite frankly – a piece of cake!

    I was in full time education as a mature student from 1992 – 1998, then part time on two post graduate courses until 2002 – yeah 10 years! Not including school. Was I MAD?

    Of course, the downside is that there is a lot of rubbish out there that we have to sift through, but the cool thing is, some of it is written by our competitors!

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