The Rambo of Internet Marketing?

I first came across the following site when a subscriber told me that the guy in question had given one of our books a less than complimentary review!

So naturally I fired off an email asking what he thought was wrong with the product.

What I got back was an intelligent, reasoned argument. He pointed out that the book wasn’t actually bad, it was just perhaps wrong for certain sections of the IM world. I couldn’t fault his argument and although I didn’t agree with him we kept in touch and swapped the ocassional email from time to time.

This was my first contact with Matt James, and his site

This isn’t a guru site and Matt isn’t the best known marketer in the business, but he does have something that I like and that I think is lacking in our business, and that’s integrity.

If you’re looking for honest reviews – detailed reviews – of IM products then check out Matt’s site. He’ll take on anyone, regardless of their size!

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