Too many ideas…

I’ve had this idea for a membership site for ages, but since my ideas book is starting to get as thick as the official Elvis impersonator’s register I’ll probably never get around to doing it.

 My idea is a membership site – I know I said that already – but with a difference. I don’t know what the content will be, and that’s maybe not as important as the marketing idea, but it’ll cost perhaps $49 a month for membership.

The twist is that NOBODY will be able to sign up for it. It won’t be open to the public.

I’ll invite maybe 100 of my internet marketing contacts to join and then tell them that they’re allowed to invite people. In fact membership will be by invitation ONLY.

So nobody will be able to get in unless one of their friends says ‘Don’t worry dude – I can get you in!’

And people being people I reckon that the whole of the Internet Marketing niche will flock to join because of the ‘buzz’ of being able to say to others ‘I can get you in’


 Can’t understand why nobody has come up with it before. Or maybe they have and they’re still waiting for the first member to show up……..

Hmm…….maybe I’ll just concentrate on niche marketing for a while……

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4 responses to “Too many ideas…

  1. Lol that one cracked me up!
    Funny thing is the content hardly matters, if people think it’s exclusive they’ll want to join.

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Frightening but true.

    What I am waiting for!!!???

  3. Hey Tony,

    I guess there will be content that will be useful so I
    would want in, even though I dont know what it will be!

    Sally 🙂

  4. Hey Tony,

    What are you waiting for! Get cracking dude. I can’t wait for the guru invites.


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