A lifestyle thing.

Internet Marketing fits round my life. A lot of marketers seem to operate the other way around though.

I’m not saying they’re wrong – I’m the wrong person to judge anyone else about any aspect of their life. But is there a real difference between a million in the bank and ten million in terms of lifestyle?

Maybe there is – It all depends on what you want.

I think enjoying my life and my family before I’m wobbling round on a walking stick with various bags, tubes and bottles attached to my ageing body should be a priority. ‘Do it while you can’ is a bit of a motto for me!

Then again my idea of fun might not be the same as yours.

Here’s what I’ve just been doing….

Now Scotland is hardly Barbados, espcecially in late September / early October but I try to get afloat at every possible chance so I was happy as a pig in muck as my Gran used to say (although she didn’t say muck!)

The big hairy thing checking the rigging is me, and although I might look as though I’m praying in the next pic

…I’m actually trying to ignore the Germans in the next mooring who had just arrived on the biggest, loudest and ugliest motor cruiser you’ve ever seen.

 And while most marketers show you pictures of their sports cars and luxury cruisers in the Med……I’m more than happy with a simple 6.30am breakfast before casting off.

In the last few days the wind dropped

So it was time to return to Internet Marketing. I’m still pretty amazed when I come back from a holiday because I recognise that I should be feeling that horrible ‘back to the grind’ feeling that most people get on return from a break, in fact if we’re honest, most people feel the same way from Sunday lunchtime onwards knowing they’ll be back at work on Monday.

Smug me eh?

It’s NOT like that. I could work much harder than I do, but if I’d brought in 13 million already this year like one of the top US marketers, would you feel that you could even come to close to my earnings?

Exactly – but following your dream – and one of my main ones is sailing – can be far more accessible than you think once you’ve got more time. Unfortunately this is something you have to do for yourself because your boss is never ever, in a MILLION YEARS going to give you as much time for yourself as you want, need or deserve.

The other thing you need is more money than your employment will happily give you. And you need to set that figure yourself  – not your employer.

And what about other internet marketers?

Well can you replicate the earnings of some of these people when they’re working 16 hours a day on their business full-time, employ staff and spend thousands a year on Adsense or hiring copywriters?

No chance.

What you need is a lazy marketer who works three days a week tops 🙂

Seriously – you need acheivable goals. Setting out to earn a million in a year is possible, but when you’ve got a family, bills, debts and a full-time job? That’s a hell of a task.

On the other hand an achievable goal of a couple of thousand in income a monthly and quitting your job is VERY achievable – it really is – and at the end of this post I’ll be telling you how we can help.

I’ve just been cruising the lochs and islands of the Scottish Highlands. I could have been on a beach in 40 degree heat for 3 weeks if that was my thing.

Next week we’re all off to wood hut in Sherwood Forest for a few days. It’s not as basic as it sounds – there’s a hot tub included!

These types of ‘minibreaks’breaks happen very frequently because that’s the lifestyle I’ve chosen – we take a lot of time off, whether it’s in the UK or abroad because we want to.  And my lifestyle wouldn’t change much if you dumped 100 million on my desk tomorrow morning.

 My IM business is portable, as is my family so we can up and off at a moment’s notice. Again this is a choice. Your ideal lifestyle will probably be different, but that’s the beauty of freedom.

The breaks I’ve mentioned above however were well deserved because we’ve just finished putting the finishing touches to something that I think is the most important thing we’ve ever released.

I won’t be giving you any details for another week or two – sorry – because some things have yet to be decided upon.

We want this to be totally accessible to everyone who needs it….

If you’re a subscriber you’ll get an email telling you more in 7-14 days. If not you can subscribe at the top right of this page or at www.sara-brown.com

So start thinking about your ideal lifestyle..

Sailing is one of my main ‘things’ at the moment. If time and money weren’t an issue for you – what would yours be?

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9 responses to “A lifestyle thing.

  1. Tony, I totally subscribe to your way of thinking. A holiday in the Scottish Highlands sounds about perfect to me – we try to get away camping there as often as we can. It’s so beautiful, although in an ideal world the weather would warm up a bit!


    Ps. It’s great to put face to a name 🙂

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Dan – spot on about the weather – but it certainly blows the cobwebs away!

  3. Tony Shepherd

    Rich Peasant – Shave?

    No chance I’d have frozen to death AND my little boy would have nothing to lift himself up by when we’re play fighting – ouch!

  4. Hi Tony,

    If you’re the hairy thing, who is the guy in the guru-scam forum link? I always thought that was you. I agree with Daniel, it’s nice to be able to put a face to the name.

    I like your style. I don’t have a boat yet, but it’s on the wish-list. In this sometimes lonely world of internet business, it’s nice to know that other Brit marketers have the same freedom/lifestyle philosophies. Looking forward to seeing what your new release is.

    PS I stayed in a castle in Oban last year for a friend’s wedding – my first time in Scotland – it’s a great place to relax and I imagine it’s an amazing place to sail, with wondrous views revealing themselves around every corner.

  5. Tony Shepherd

    The guy on http://www.guruscamforum.com must be 80 years old if he’s a day!

    I value my privacy but so many people have asked for more details of how my IM business works and the lifestyle I’m always prattling on about that I decided I could make a blog series out of it.

    As for the new release – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

    Thanks for posting guys

  6. byron

    Hi Tony,
    Being Scottish myself I can appreciate the beauty you find yourself in and I’m a little envious too!

    I wonder if you could me help with this though. With all your experience in selling ebooks what do you have to say about PDF security nowadays?
    I’ve just spent a year developing and writing a great ebook that I know will be very popular, both as a physical product and as an ebook, but I’m now considering selling it only as a physical product because I’m afraid that if I sold it as an ebook some thieves might steal it and resell it secretly themselves thus devaluing the product and lose me a lot of sales.
    Of course one can password protect the ebook -although we know that passwords can easily be passed on to others- or use other tactics such as not to allow one’s customers to copy or print the content but these are very unfriendly tactics indeed.
    Is there anything else one can do short of just selling the product as a physical product?

    The main disadvantage of selling the product as a physical product is that the costs of printing, posting and the time it takes to bind it cut very deep into one’s profits and life style too.

    Creating a subscription list first might be another alternative because your list might not be of the mindset to want to rip you off. But as you know it takes time to create a list and once again there are no guarantees.

    Finally the other alternative is to only allow the ebook to be read online in a member’s only section. But there again the passwords can easily be passed on and customers might not like paying money to be online to read something they already own.
    So I’m wondering which way to go.
    Your valued comments would be very much appreciated.

  7. John Bell

    Red Sails in the Sunset? Beautiful sloop!!! I don’t really envy you…….I’m always this shade of green!!!

  8. hi tony

    i totally agree with the lifestyle thing.

    i decided to take the plunge with my families lifestyle earlier this year and have set up home in the algarve even though we intend to spend a short amount of the year in the uk. Its been lovely doing my IM in the sunshine even though the sun can get on your screen a little bit.

    Its a lovely warm day today – hows England!


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