Some great info coming in about a week…

I had to test out my new Flip Video (actually Flip number 2 but we won’t go into what happened to number one!) so I thought I’d do a vid-post instead of writing it. Sorry for the shaky footage…..

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4 responses to “Some great info coming in about a week…

  1. Tony, is this the first time anyone has heard your voice?

    Any chance of some podcasts one day?

  2. Tony Shepherd

    I’ve recorded some Camtasia things before so I’m quite comfortable with recording audio, but it’s always nice to try something new.

    Podcasts – you must be psychic – I was chatting to someone about these yesterday so you never know!

  3. Quite reminded me of “The Shining” – can’t think why 🙂

    Those Flips are quite good, although the HD Ultra is the one I want and you can’t get it here yet.

    Moving on – enjoy the holiday and then dazzle us with the new info. Sounds great!

  4. Hey Tony!

    Looks good! I’m getting one of those dealies for my b-day next week so I can’t wait to see how they work.

    Can’t wait till your goodies next week, too.

    see ya!

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