A couple of days ago I told you about a pretty cool Twitter service called Twittollower that my marketing friends Tahir and Matt had launched.

Well it just gets better because I bugged Tahir to give you a GUARANTEE that it would work for you. Here it is:


That’s SOME deal, I’m sure you’ll agree. And from what I’m hearing from people who have already locked in their place yesterday, it’s no exaggeration on numbers!

Click HERE Now To Watch The Video And Secure Your Place (Watch The Whole Video!)

If you’ve got a little more time, here’s the full Skype chat that Tahir and I had, and we decided to record, where I grill him about Twittollower and you can actually hear the pain in his voice when I make him offer his guarantee to my subscribers (he he). Please excuse my voice – a bout of man-flu 🙂

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3 responses to “Your GUARANTEE!

  1. That really is a tremendous deal! The comparison to what twittercounter charges was eye opening. Thanks for sharing, Tony.

  2. Wayne

    Hi Tony

    I contacted support reference my earlier post, they got back to me within the hour… fixed the problem and now I have 230 followers from doing zilch in just over 24 hours!

    Thanks Tony!


  3. Hi Tony,
    Thank you for sharing your interview with Tehir about this fantastic product. A great idea to get more followers on Twitter
    and it can be automated too!
    Sue Schlaiffer.

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