Examples Of Easy Video Player Features

I threw these videos together in under 20 minutes to demonstrate how powerful Easy Video Player is as an internet marketing tool. There’s no doubt the more I mess around with EVP the more impressed I become.

It’s VERY easy to use – as I said these vids took no time at all. They’re not as polished as they could be but that’s the whole point – if I can get them up and running in such a short amount of time, then imagine what you can do if you spend longer on them!

I’ve simply demonstrated the three features of EVP I like best – embedding Payment Buttons, Opt-In forms and Links at the end of any video I wish (incidentally the paypal button is linked to another of my products NOT EVP – I just swiped the code to save time, likewise the opt-in form opts in to my newsletter). The link button at the end of example 3 though IS a live link where you can grab your own copy of EVP and if you do buy Easy Video Player through my link, my techy team will install it for you for FREE.

You can use Amazon s3 hosting with Easy Video Player too if you wish. My opinion? I honestly think that even if you aren’t using video in your marketing yet, this is the kick in the arse you need to start. You can grab it now and use it later. Josh Bartlett, the originator of Easy Video Player says he’s considering putting the price up to $127 a MONTH rather than have a one-off purchase price as now. I don’t know whether this is marketing hype or not, but it’s worth nabbing your copy now to be sure.

You can grab Easy Video Player and secure your free installation HERE

..and here are the three videos I put together simply to show you how the features that I really like work – incidentally you can do MUCH more than this – redirects when the video ends, embed other HTML code, change colours, appearance, size, skins etc….

But personally I think all this pales into insignificance when you consider the marketing potential of putting Payment Buttons, Opt-in forms and clickable links into video. Check out the vids below and here’s that link again SECURE YOUR COPY & FREE INSTALLATION HERE

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5 responses to “Examples Of Easy Video Player Features

  1. This looks great Tony but would you be able to post the videos on You Tube and video distribution services or would they be for your own website only?

  2. Paul Hamilton

    Hi Tony,

    I agree with you that this player is really clever and opens up a lot of extra opportunities to make sales and gather optins. My question is do you know if the player only works with Amazon hosted videos as I host my videos on another paid platform.



  3. Fantastic to be able to embedd html into the video. Something that we marketers are missing when having a video on youtube etc.

  4. Tony Shepherd

    You can either use Amazon or your own hosting. I’m not sure about third party paid hosting althought if you have access to upload and download files and videos I can’t see why not.

    Youtube is another matter though. This is a video player NOT a video creator so I can’t see how you’d be able to upload them to Youtube.

    I’ll see if I can get an answer from Josh.

  5. Hey Everyone!

    I’ve been working with Josh on the Easy Video Player launch and I’d just like to confirm what Tony has said so far.

    You can’t upload to Youtube – it would actually be against their terms of service to allow paypal buttons and opt-in buttons on there.



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