How this guy dumped his 9-5 and got into IM

How do you reckon a newbie takes the first steps into full-time internet marketing?

Is it like tip-toeing through daisies in a summer field as all your carefully laid plans come together in harmony?

Or is it like wading through a huge steaming pile of dung with a giant elephant turd firmly wedged between your toes?

You decide……

Here’s an interview I did with a guy called David Chamberlain (mid cold again so apologies for the state of my voice)

We met briefly at a marketing event last year and then I sort of ‘bumped into him’ online when I was setting up a promo.

Turns out he’s only just gone full-time online, yet he’s making a full-time income from IM.

So I immediately set up an interview date so I could record exactly how he did it, and play it to you.

…I suppose because this is the sort of thing that I was eager to hear when I was first dabbling with internet marketing…

Just HOW the Hell DO people make that final jump, quit their jobs and start earning from their computers?

Here’s how one bloke did it…..

(PS he talks about actual income, where it comes from and the crap he got from his family and friends – all juicy stuff 🙂

Comments welcome – I know everyone’s situation is different before they take the plunge but can you relate to this?

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12 responses to “How this guy dumped his 9-5 and got into IM

  1. Thanks for the great audio, Tony! It’s always nice to hear how others have quit their jobs and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who gets grief from those around me about what I’m doing.


  2. Chuck Manning

    The entrepreneurial spirit in some of us HAS to come out sometime!!
    My family was and some still are self employed.
    Hence, the entrepreneurial spirit was observed early on in my life.
    The down side to what I observed was the long hours and immense headaches associated with being self employed.
    Yet, the relentless spirit must prevail !!
    What I have experienced is a relatively short learning curve to start up.
    Though you will never KNOW it all, the education and progress
    is well worth the time and effort just beyond start up.
    Continuing in this business I foresee recapturing some of my time. Time to do things I want to do, not what my BOSS wants me to do. To all that are in the business and to those getting int the business. ROCK STEADY!!!!!

  3. I have bought many programs on doing business on the internet but have not yet found anything that takes you step by step to actually setting up your own website from scratch and then being able to add and alter the content. Where can I find such info that a “non techie” could follow ?? My current website was set up by a Pro but I have not the faintest idea of how to alter it myself. Dave in Darwen UK

  4. Tony Shepherd

    Marnie, Chuck – great comments, thanks for spending the time to leave them

    Dave – sent you a link

  5. You always wonder how much further one could take your business if one didn’t that the job to go to. It take perseverance, hard-work, and of course, guts to take the leap.

  6. Hi Tony,

    Interesting story. Thanks, Tony, for posting
    it on your blog. His story is encouraging, and
    shows what determination can do!

    All the best,

  7. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks for posting Laurie.

    Robert – Once you’ve quit your job and have more time to develop your business the ideas really start to flow – and for some people (I’m one) it helps when you burn your bridges.

    Still takes some balls to hand in your notice though!

  8. Hi Tony great post, its exactly what i want to do.

    By the way the first ebook i ever purchased was by Sara Brown who i understand had a JV with you.

    Sadly my computer crashed and i lost all the ebooks etc i purchased from Sara.Do you still hear from her? If so how is she?

  9. Great post Tony,

    Encaptures what every newbie is thinking!! Taking the leap was the best thing I ever did, grit, determination and belief and success can be anybody’s.

    A year in the life of a newbie is a year well spent if it frees up the rest of those precious ones…..and I took up fly fishing!!

    Keep up the inspirational posts.



  10. Its encouraging to see David do this – Ive got a bit of catching up to do!

  11. Having listened to the whole interview – David has excelled himself here, he has come further in one year than most marketers go in 10

  12. Hi Tony

    Thanks for the all inspiring story and keeps my hopes up for buiding a business and quitting my job – thanks again

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