Our new CBLearn Plugin – Monetize your blogs now!

If you want to monetize your blogs quickly and easily check out the latest WordPress Plugin I’ve developed with pro blogger Tony Newton.

It’s called the ‘CB Learn Plugin’. I’m no techy (but I’m learning fast) and this is how I like to explain it…CBLearn Plugin

One of the main reasons we developed it was because it’s pretty bloody disappointing spending time and effort building a blog only to find that the pay-per-click ads you’ve put on have earned you 2 or 3 cents in the past 24 hours.

Now I know that any income adds up but 2 or 3 cents is taking the whotsit in my book.

So we started to develop a plugin that could earn TEN or TWENTY times this amount, but also be subtle, effective and simple to use. It had to WORK too (too  many plugins just DON’T)

We knew that many people now have ‘ad blindness’ and simply don’t ‘see’ traditional text ads any more because they’re so used to them. This means they don’t get clicked as much if ever.

So what CBLearn Plugin does is to place a ‘call to action’ button at the bottom of your posts that invites the reader to click it for more information on the subject matter you’ve just blogged about.

It doesn’t seem like an ad or a hard sell so it’s MUCH more likely to get clicked.

Of course YOU choose the subject matter and assign a keyword or phrase to the plugin.

The plugin then automatically inserts your affiliate link and ‘hoplink’s the ‘call to action’ to a related Clickbank product.

So if you’ve blogged about Forex trading, parrot keeping, horse riding or piles, you simply complete a few boxes in the plugin – your ClickBank unsername, the product gravity, and the keyword you want, and CB Learn does the rest. You get a commission on the sale.

Best of all is that you’re no longer looking at 2 and 3 cent commissions, you’re getting up to 75% commissions on $27, $47 and up products!

You can try it for FREE at CBLearnplugin.com


But here’s why you SHOULD buy the pro version

1. Because we’ve got a special deal for my blog readers, and you can get the pro version at a discounted $17 (normal price $27) for a limited time.(One sale could make your investment back)

2. Because the pro version has some great extras such as a choice of call to action buttons and you get commissions 100% of the time.

To view the video about what CBLearn does Click HERE

and HERE’S the special discount link.

We wanted to create for you an affordable, effective way to monetize your blog. We reckon this is it. See what you think. Comments welcome!


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7 responses to “Our new CBLearn Plugin – Monetize your blogs now!

  1. Wow, how did you know I was just wishing for something like this that I could recommend to my PLR buyers to help them monetize the PLR when they post it on their blogs quickly and easily!

    I love that you can tailor your keywords to each individual post too.


  2. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks Peggy – I agree. Oh and I happened to come across a blog comment of yours the other day too. You’d recognise ‘that blokes mug’ anywhere would you??


    Thanks for posting mate

  3. Lol! I meant that in the best possible way! 😉
    And I do love your newsletter – lots of great marketing gems!


  4. That is very cool. Will be an amazing time saver; no longer having to look up CB products that complement the post. Thanks!

  5. Well I just bought the Pro version, it sounds like it will be a big time-saver when I’m trying to monetize a blog post. Oh, I actually watched the video about the plugin, and it was good, nice and short and to the point (I hate vidoes but this one was good). Thanks Tony and Tony.

  6. Hey Tony, I love your posts, and information. I’ve read some of our stuff and it’s just amazing. I love seeing info on new wordpress plugins because I use them all the time for my own sites and clients.

  7. The features look good Tony, I was tempted to download but I’m cautious about plugins slowing up my blog loading speed. Does it have much effect on this?


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