Merry Christmas!


I’m finishing work now for Christmas guys so I just wanted to say a big thanks for continuing to read my emails and blog posts throughout 2010.

Whatever your religion or country just remember that Winter festivals, from the Roman Saturnalia right through to the consumerist Western Christmas of today ALL have a long tradition of over-eating, fornication and indulgence as well as religious significance….

So whatever floats your boat, GET STUCK IN and have a thoroughly enjoyable time finding pleasure spots you never knew existed.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s quiet prayer, eating three bags of salted cashew nuts at once or spending Christmas day in bed with a stripper,  a watermelon and a bottle of Glendronach 31 Year Old Grandeur…

Enjoy it 🙂

‘Tis the season to be merry.

Next year we’re changing things a little in terms of business…so we can work more closely with you.

Until then I’d like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas

See you in the New Year

Best wishes,


Comments welcome as always…

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32 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Dan

    A stripper AND a watermelon, that’s some Christmas present!! 😀

  2. Michael

    Seasons greetings to your and your family, Tony.

    I can unequivocally say that, all going to plan, I’ll be doing all of the above. Maybe not praying, mind, but I suppose “begging for mercy” comes close enough.

    Tis the season to overindulge in every regard! 🙂

  3. Thanks Tony,

    And a very Merry Xmas to you and your family!

    I look forward to the new year. It’s going to be a cracker!


  4. The mind boggle’s, I shall suggest the latter to the Mrs.
    I won’t hold my breath though.

    Merry Xmas Tony and a prosperous new year to us all.

  5. Mark Terrell

    Hi Tony,
    happy Xmas buddie and thanks for your great tips and advice.

    Best regards

    Mark Terrell

    Ps: Can you arrange father xmas to drop the stripper off about 1am when the mrs is asleep . Lol

  6. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for all you’ve done this year, tips etc, you have a good ‘un too, I think I need to get out more, melon and a stripper !!!


  7. Thanks Tony for all the fun and great tips !

    Merry Christmas to you and your family

  8. All the best to you to 🙂 –

  9. Happy Days, and best wishes to you Tony.
    I look forward to spending a day in bed with a 31 year old…..
    Glendronach 31 Year Old

  10. Hi Tony can’t get a watermelon here for love or money!! Have a great Christmas and thanks for all your thought provoking posts in the past year.

  11. Tony Shepherd

    Seems the watermelon idea is more popular than the stripper LOL

    I really need to get someone to check what I write before I press the ‘publish’ button 🙂

    A very Merry Christmas guys, and thanks for having a great sense of humour!!

  12. Looking forward to the read in 2011, good luck to all…

  13. Thanks for your support and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic and Healthy 2011.

  14. I’d marry the watermelon, but I cantaloupe.

    Merry Christmas Tony!


  15. Graham

    Hi Tony,

    Many thanks for the Season’s Greetings…and the same to you and your family!

    Your suggestions remind of the time that I said to this young lady that I was looking for a 32 year old, blond, crew cut, nymphomaniac…her response was that she was thinking of having a crew cut lol!!!

  16. Alice

    The watermelon was a bit much. Now I’m offended.

  17. Tony Shepherd

    But the stripper was ok?

    Merry Christmas Alice – and thanks for continuing to read my stuff!

  18. Ha! I know your game. You’re planting those seeds in our heads so that when we succeed in IM beyond our wildest dreams in 2011 we think of how we all “owe it to Tony” and in appreciation send a stripper to your door with a watermelon under one arm and a bottle of Glendronach Grandeur under the other. Clever g*d d*mn hippy! 😉

    And you’re funny with that “concern” in your emails about “offense”. Come on, Tony. Your lists are so targeted if you started ending your emails with something like “Be Blessed” we’d wonder who the impostor was and think something nefarious was afoot. Your blog and lists would become like ghost towns with tumbleweeds.

    So please, Tony, your lists most definitely expect your prose regarding IM insight and success to be laced with imagery of strippers, booze, fruits and vegetables in 2011 (and sailing 😉 ). Whatever it takes to get from “here” to “there” in the coming year, your ribald touch will help along the way because after all, it ain’t all a bed of roses and we need to laugh – daily.

    Wishing You a Merry Pleasure Spot, Tony,

    Patrick Donovan

    P.S. Sam Longoria, remember, fruit humor is a very dangerous thing.

  19. Long time reader first time poster.

    Wishing you the best Christmas and just wanted to say a quick thank you for what you have helped me achieve this year my online business. I’d have still been buying over hyped guru junk, searching for a magic bullet if I’d not found your stuff!

    In conclusion…. Watermelons > Strippers

    Let the spirt of Chirstmas live on!

  20. I’ve already eaten too much this season, so I’m off to a good start. I’m certainly not going to get anything that extravagant this season, I’m just hoping for a warm housecoat.

    Happy holidays and continued success in the New Year, you’re one of the good guys.

  21. Merrry Christmas to you and your family Tony thanks for all the great tips & info you have given me this year
    always like to read what you have to say .
    mmm Water melon, Stripper and Glenwhatsisname, Out of the three I always seem to end up with the water melon
    Cheers Mick

  22. Have a top Christmas with you and your family Tony and thanks for doing what you do best and helping us all out in 2010. Really looking forward to 2011.

    YOU DA MAN !!


  23. Ray


    Thank you, and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    After reading your post I may well have some strange dreams tonight about a naked lady, a large fruit!

  24. Watermelon and the stripper…. damn you Tony, I thought I’d told you not to mention that to anyone!!

    Merry Christmas mate to you and your family, and thanks for all your help this year. Next year is going to be something REALLY special, and I wouldn’t be progressing like I am without your help – so thanks, I really appreciate it.


  25. sam


    all the best to you and yours,I will have a great time of course, once I get my head around the “watermelon” mention.


  26. Merry Xmas to you to Tony and anyone else reading this.

    And a prosperous New Year!


  27. Hi Tony

    As a long-time subscriber it’s always a pleasure to read your emails and blog posts, long may it continue.

    You omitted to say which scenario the Hippy Marketer will be pursuing this Christmas so spill the beans. If there’s a stripper involved, I hope you’ve ordered one for your good lady, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander 😉

    Regardless of whatever else is on the agenda, have a great time with your kids, I can assure you they don’t stay little for long.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year to you, the family and all your subscribers and blog readers.


  28. We’re all for watermelon and strippers here in my part of Texas. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to next year’s posts. Have a wonderful and safe holiday.

  29. Thanks for all you have done this past year, Tony! You are definitely one of the good guys!

    Merry Christmas! Looking forward to see what 2011 brings!


  30. Thanks! Looking forward to being offended in 2011.

  31. Philip

    If I got the Stripper I would also need 2 sixteen year olds and a set of jump leads to get me started or it would be of the wallpaper type

    as Dave Allen use to say
    May your God go with you, who ever he may be

  32. Hi Tony,

    Merry Christmas and enjoy your stripper! I’ve enjoyed mine! They sure make Christmas an exciting event!

    All the best for 2011,

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