Our Personal Coaching Program Is Now Open


You might remember I said I wanted to make some changes to my business this year…

Well here’s what I want to do…. I want to set you up in business.

Hold that thought while I explain…

A little while ago I set up a new business with Tony Newton. It’s based around developing products  – notably plugins and themes – for WordPress users.

We’ve taken this business from zero to over $100,000 in a matter of months.

We spend an hour or so a day coming up with ideas for new plugins and themes (the starting point being ‘what would we use?‘) developing then, pocketing the profit from them and then either taking a monthly income from them or ‘flipping’ them for four and five figure sums.

Check out these three facts:

1. We’ve never yet failed to make a profit using our ‘no risk’ system.

2. It’s great fun (don’t underestimate how important this is)

3. It’s totally non-techy if you do it OUR way.

So we’re very excited to open our brand new (unique as far as I know) Personal Coaching program.

We want to work personally with unique and motivated individuals and coach them to do exactly the same.

If that’s YOU visit this link for more details >>> http://www.smartnetprofits.com/personalcoaching

We’ll hand-hold you through the entire process. We’ll guide you through the entire process – from concept, through development and marketing, up to the best bit of all – pocketing the profits.

We’ll also show you exactly how to flip your new software (if you wish) for a BIG profit. You should come out with a four or even a five figure sum with us guiding you. And of course you take 100% of the profits.

We’ll introduce you to our own team, and throw in a 10,000 mailing for your new software if you wish – again the profit is 100% yours. We don’t take a ‘cut’ or ‘commission’ unlike some mentors.

We WILL without a doubt show you everything you need to build a six figure online wordpress business.

Obviously because this is personal coaching (You’ll be working directly with Tony Newton and myself) and  NOT mass-coaching via webinars, we can only work with a limited number of people.

We’re currently still discussing what this number should be but it’s almost certainly NOT going to be more than 10.

So when all places are filled we’ll close the program untill a space comes up.

Remember you’ll have full access to everything we know about creating a six figure business in just months.

Click on the link below for more details


This a chance to start afresh….


Comments welcome…

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3 responses to “Our Personal Coaching Program Is Now Open

  1. Randal

    Quick question. Is the personal coaching going to be centered around WordPress alone? I have other ideas for other platforms. Thanks.

  2. You’re not doing too bad for a hippy Tony, $500 a go, I congratulate you. I don’t want to mentor anyone, and I haven’t got a list. But I’m cocky, I reckon I will have a list this year.

    Could you send me details of your affiliate scheme, and more details of the course, anything you can without paying the $500 obviously, I’m a bit brassic skint at the moment. That’s why I want a list this year.


    Leamington Spa, England

  3. Hi Tony,

    WordPress business sounds pretty exciting. I know a lot of people hooked on getting these plugins that make their life easier. I love how its very simple for people to load on their wordpress and benefit from the shortcuts it provide. Will look into this because I would like to make a plugin too.


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