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I caught myself doing something really dumb the other day.

I’m putting together a few sales funnel for something that we’re launching in a week or so, and at the front of it is the ugliest pig of a squeeze page you’re ever likely to see. The whole funnel isn’t there yet but the squeeze page and delivery system is.

(The pic on the right is the actual Equinox Theme which I love, not the cruddy squeeze page by the way)

It’s been running as a WSO for a few days, and I sent out a small mailing about it so we could test conversion rates.

You can see the current comversion rates on the screenshot I took from the Aweber account below.

The squeeze page is converting at 66.1%

That’s a very good conversion rate for a squeeze page.

We’re offering a free premium wordpress theme so it’s tasty ‘bait’ we’re fishing with, but nonetheless, a constant 66 ish percent is pretty good.


So what was the stupid thing?

Well if you visit the squeeze page at

you may or may not agree with me but I think it’s a OINKER of a page. It’s ugly. I don’t like the layout, the colours…in fact I hate the whole thing.

But it’s the best performing out of all the pages we tried. The prettier ones are still 10% behind in conversion figures.

Yet I still considered (for about half a second) having another nicer looking one made, until I gave myself a mental slap and left it where it is.

We’ve just tested it on ‘colder’ traffic and it still holds the figures.

We’re still tweaking so if we find a better looking page with better conversion rates of course we’ll use it, but until then we’re stuck with it.

The crusty toenail of the squeeze page world.

The Equinox theme however is gorgeous and fully tweaked and tested and is a TOP converting salespage.

You can get it free (by visiting our ugly squeeze page) at



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